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General information

Under Resolution of the Poznań City Council Ref. XCVIII/1112/IV/2004 of July 4, 2006, Wysypisko Odpadów Komunalnych [The Municipal Waste Dump Site], which has been in operation since 1993, changed its name into Zakład Zagospodarowania Odpadów [Waste Management Company].
The Company’s business is concerned with environmental protection in the field of waste management, consisting in:
  1. management of a waste dump site;
  2. daily operation and ultimate environmental cleanup of the dumpsite;
  3. production and sales of electricity and heat produced out of biogas;
  4. projects contributing to maintenance of cleanliness and order in the area of the city of Poznań;
  5. conducting selective waste collection and segregation, collection of hazardous, non-hazardous and neutral waste, receiving of selectively collected waste;
  6. collection and receipt of electrical and electronic equipment;
  7. waste recycling, after-treatment, selection and sales;
  8. processing of biodegradable waste;
  9. operating hazardous, neutral and bulky waste collection points;
  10. environmental education;
  11.  interventions in remediation of consequences of road accidents notified by the City Guards or Police;
  12. interventions in removal of contamination and dead animals from public places.

The Company has its registered seat in Poznań at Al. Marcinkowskiego 11, and the dumpsite is located in the territory of the Suchy Las commune at ul. Meteorytowa 1





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