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Group of dumpsite degasification and energy production system facilities

General description of the degasification system process

Biogas from drilled wells equipped with perforated pipes is delivered via individual pipelines to three container type collector stations with collector sewers, controls and measuring instruments.
Gas from collector stations is transported to container-type suction nozzle/blower station. Gas suction nozzle in explosion-proof design produces negative pressure to suck gas out of gas chambers, to thereafter compress it to approx. 100 mbar while supplying the power generating sets or biogas flare. With CH4 content below 30% and O2 content above 3%, biogas cannot be used for energy production purposes and therefore it is neutralized in the flare.
The system for obtaining and preparation of biogas has an operating parameters visualization system. The system presents the key parameters of biogas production process, biogas preparation for power generating units or flares, operation of power generating sets, and parameters of electricity and heat produced.
The biogas-fired heat and power generating plant has an uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS) and therefore in case of voltage drop in the power grid, the biogas neutralization system is still capable of working without interruptions and produce energy for the purposes of the entire dumpsite


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