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Waste Storage

Communication within the dumpsite area
Organization of the communication system guarantees easy and safe access to immediate dumping spot at the quarter and sector, using access roads built on fixed ground (road slabs) and technological roads (grit) built on dumped waste.
Waste storage technology

The waste storage technology comprises:
  • control and registration of vehicles at point of entry – classification of waste, weighing, preparation of necessary documents
  • waste segregation at dumping point – recyclable materials are thus recovered
  • placement of segregated waste using bulldozer-compactor machines, in 1.5-2.0 m layers, after compacting
  • covering each layer of waste with an insulation layer (soil, sand), approximately 20 cm thick, to safeguard the active part of dumpsite against self-ignition, access of insects, rodents and birds, to reduce emission of unpleasant odors and air propagation of light fractions.

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