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Characteristics of the Dumpsite

Dumpsite operator

Zakład Zagospodarowania Odpadów [Waste Management Company], address: Al. Marcinkowskiego 11, 61-827 Poznań

Dumpsite location

The waste dump site is located on the northern border of Poznań, across a folded area, within the administrative limits of the Suchy Las commune. The site is situated on the northern slope of Moraska Mountain. The northern and eastern borders of the site are delimited by the Biedrusko military ground. The Morasko residential estate is located about 1000 m towards the south-east of the dumpsite. Furthest protruding developments of Suchy Las are located at a distance of ca. 1000 m towards the south-west of the site. About 1500 m west of the site, there is Złotniki village and garden allotments. The Poznań-Piła road is located about 2000 m away.

Dumpsite type

The Suchy Last dumpsite is classified as non-hazardous and neutral waste dump site (Article 50 of the Waste Act of April 27, 2001).

Dumpsite designation

The dumpsite is designed for collection of household waste and waste produced by other sources, not containing any hazardous substances. In terms of type and composition, this waste is similar to household waste produced in the territory of the city of Poznań and the commune of Suchy Las.

Description of the dumpsite

  1. Commencement of dumpsite operation: 1984
  2. The total area designated for the dumpsite is 48.7553 hectares, including:
    •  inactive, cleaned-up site (“old” part): 11.6 hectares
    • new (extended) site, quarters P-1, P-2, P-3, S-1,S-2: 20.9 hectares
    • background facilities, access routes, retention ponds with waste water treatment plant: 16.25 hectares
    • target capacity of the dumpsite: 5.36 million cu. m
    • volume of deposited waste: ca. 3.84 million cu. m
    • volume of deposited waste per year: ca. 130 thousand tons.
  3. Main dumpsite facilities:
    • group of degasification and energy production system facilities 
    • waste storage quarters 
    • office, social and workshop facilities 
    • bulky waste deposition and grinding yard 
    • dispatch center building with a system of electronic scales 
    • automatic vehicle wheel wash 
    • “old” cleaned-up site 
    • recyclable materials storage and sorting yard
    • group of dumpsite reflux water treatment facilities

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