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Management System Policy

Management System Policy

 of the Waste Management Company

 of the City of Poznań

In maintaining and perfecting our Management System in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005, we aim at winning our clients’ trust and satisfaction through providing best quality of service adapted to their needs.

In pursuing its Mission and Quality Policy for the City of Poznań, with due consideration of fulfilling the stakeholders’/clients’ expectations, the Waste Management Company of the City of Poznań has set out the following goals:

  • To ensure reasonable waste management for the inhabitants of the City;
  • Proper maintenance of dumpsite utilization, not posing any threats to the environment or to the inhabitants' health.

We hereby declare that we shall:

  • Continuously comply with valid laws, regulations and environmental requirements in respect of environmental aspects of our activity.
  • Systematically improve the qualifications, knowledge and environmental awareness.
  • Prevent environmental threats through regular process monitoring.
  • Continuous improvement of the internal and external communication systems in our environmental activities.

The above mentioned activities are expected to deliver the following added value to all stakeholders:

  • Minimizing negative environmental impacts;
  • Guaranteeing proper handling of waste;
  • Satisfaction of internal and external clients;
  • Preventing pollution of the natural environment.

Implementation of the Management System Policy is based on the awareness that the quality of services provided by the Waste Management Company of the City of Poznań is a deliverable achieved by all our employees. Therefore, we promise to engage all efforts in continuous improvement of our Management System efficiency and to comply with legal requirements.

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