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General Information

Along with economic growth, the volume of waste produced in Poland is increasing, including plastic, glass and paper packaging waste. Thus, the issue of neutralizing such waste arises. Plastic packaging materials are practically resistant to compaction, biological decomposition, and with their volume properties, they contribute to faster overfilling of dumpsites.
To face the environmental requirements, protection of natural resources, and inhabitants’ needs, in 2000 the Municipality of Poznań decided to carry out a project related to selective gathering of recyclable materials.
Collection of recyclable materials yields the expected results, which signals the need for continued development of the municipal system during the consecutive years. To improve efficiency of the segregation system in Poznań, to partially cover the costs of segregation and to purchase the next containers, ZZO has been cooperating with a recycling organization called RekoPol S.A.
Recyclable materials segregated by the inhabitants of the City of Poznań are collected and carried to the Suchy Las dumpsite where they are additionally treated at the Recyclable materials segregation yard. Recyclable materials after appropriate preparation are pressed in balers (volume reduction, e.g. about 3-4 cu. m of PET packaging materials are used for a bale approx. 0.5 cu. m in size), to be afterwards transferred to recovery and recycling processes. In this way, new products are made of household waste.


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