Educational path at the municipal waste dumping site in Suchy Las

The educational path was created in December 2003. Its objective is to present the operating principles of a municipal dumpsite and to teach children, youth and students about activities taken in the city of Poznań by the Municipal Waste Dumpsite.
The educational path comprises five stops. First of them presents the overall layout of the dumpsite, including all infrastructural facilities.

The second stop presents the methods of obtaining and processing biogas to produce electricity, which is used afterwards at the dumpsite.

The purpose of the third stop is to find out how reflux waters produced at the dumpsite are purified.

The fourth stop illustrates the system of selective gathering of recyclable materials.

The fifth stop presents the activities taken in the course of operating the dumpsite, including monitoring, operation of the reflux treatment plant, biogas-fired heat and power generating plant, and environmental cleanup after completion of utilization.